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        TEL: +86-21-65499602
        FAX: +86-21-65490229
        EMAIL: share-sh@vip.163.com

        Shanghai Share Expo & Meeting Service Co., Ltd was established in 2006 with SHARE EXPO as its leading brand. We specialized in providing international Expo & Meeting integration services as follows:

        Translation Service
        The experienced professional team, strict quality control and detail-concerned service concept are solid foundation for customer satisfaction or even customer delight.
        SHARE EXPO now boasts more than 50 experienced full-time and part-time interpreters and has established good cooperation with hundreds of leading organizers in different industries.

        Bag Service
        As one of the main exhibition bag providers in China, we are committed to high quality non-woven bags and paper bags globally.
        Our own manufactural bases guarantee the quality, price and delivery.

        Business Gift Service
        We forged a long term relationship with many gift manufacturers nationwide. Furthermore, we are involved in developing new products to make sure the tailor-made products.

        Shanghai Share Expo & Meeting Service Co., Ltd is composed of members with rich working experience in international Expo & Meeting corporations. We provide international-standard, professional and systemized services to participators and professional visitors who come to China.

        "Sincere cooperation, gradual development, Unlimited creation¡± is the principle we adhere. Wherever you are, in Shanghai or abroad, our quality service is always easily accessible. Your every need will be the trigger to our full dedications.



        CopyRight©Shanghai Share Expo & Meeting Co., Ltd 
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